A comparative view of national education reports in European countriesAs part of the CIDREE Project 2017 National Education Reports, a meeting was held in October 2017 at the headquarters of the Scottish Government in Edinburgh. Under the chair of SKBF, those responsible from Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland and the Netherlands discussed the first results of the comparative work on national education reports from eight European countries.

Previous work
This project is the continuation of the cooperation that began with a first meeting with experts on national education reports from Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, Scotland and Switzerland in 2016. This meeting was a first opportunity to learn about different concepts of national education reports and to discuss the rationale behind.
SKBF volunteered to merge the descriptions written by the participants after the meeting into a comparative view. Something that, as far as is known, has not existed to this day. Stefan Wolter (SKBF) presented the result at the second meeting in October 2017. In the meantime the feedback of the participants had been taken into account in the comparative work, which ensures the quality of its result.

Present the work of CIDREE to Germany
It was a great success that Germany was also represented at the meeting in October 2017. Since Germany is not a CIDREE member, it was a very good opportunity to present the work of CIDREE. This has now led to an exchange between the project leaders of the Education Report of Switzerland and Germany, which also gives special attention to the work of CIDREE.

Provide a CIDREE documentation on national education reports in European countries

A documentation is currently being prepared containing the comparative work and further descriptions of the eight national education reports as well as an information sheet with contact details of those responsible in the participating countries and links to the education reports. This documentation will be available to all interested parties and could be used and shared within and outside the CIDREE member institutions.

Deeper insight into the contents of the education reports in 2018
As the two meetings in 2016 and in 2017 focused on the structure and process of the educational reports, the participants suggested that the next step would be to focus on the content of the reports with concrete examples. The continuation of the exchange, which was considered to be very valuable, is therefore highly desirable. A next meeting in 2018 could then focus on the content of the reports.


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