• «As Director of SCRIPT, I benefit regularly from the exchange with CIDREE-colleagues, their advice and their insights into key educational developments and into educational research. The yearly CEO meetings offer perfect network opportunities among peers, the regular expert meetings on a variety of topics ensure that all collaborators of SCRIPT get involved in and profit from CIDREE.»

    Luc Weis Director of SCRIPT, Luxembourg
    • Because it opens new horizons to educational questions across Europe.
    • Because it provides professional support and expert advice when needed.
    • Because there is always a familiar face in every CIDREE country you can turn to.
    • Because CIDREE gives us a common EU identity.
    • Because it is fun to discuss, explore and learn together. 

    Ms Brigita Žarkovič Adlešič Head of Professional Development Centre, ZRSS, Slovenia

CIDREE is a network of institutions responsible for or contributing to the quality of the regional or national education system. Members are the lead organization in their countries for providing professional policy advice to Ministers on key aspects of education. Our basic idea is that we can share expertise, learn from each other and develop new knowledge relevant for different education systems and in doing so contribute to the overall improvement of Education in Europe.

Adding value
What CIDREE offers in particular is the possibility of face to face exchange between colleagues from other countries, professionals and experts in many subjects of education, as well as curriculum developers and researchers from institutions playing a key role for the development of the quality of the regional or national education system.
The CIDREE network actively promotes the exchange of information and expertise among professional educators by organizing expert meetings, projects and study visits. This adds significant value to members’ activities in terms of their increased knowledge, efficiency and effectiveness in undertaking educational research or development.

Why your institution should consider membership of CIDREE!
If your institution has to:

  • develop and review curricula / curricula frameworks
  • develop qualification systems / frameworks
  • develop guidelines / support materials for teachers and schools
  • monitor the quality of regional / national education systems through national tests, etc.
  • undertake research on education issues as a feedback to policy makers and practitioners
  • contribute to the quality of the regional / national education system

Then your institution should consider membership of CIDREE!

Any institution in a European country, possessing legal body and applying itself at national / regional level to activities for the development of the quality of the education system and / or to educational research, is welcome to join CIDREE. The CIDREE secretariat will be happy to assist candidate member institutions and to respond to any further request for information.

Christine Stadnick Frédérickx
c/o Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education
Entfelderstrasse 61
5000 Aarau Switzerland
T +41 62 858 23 90
F +41 62 858 23 99

«CIDREE enables its members to cooperate at many different levels.  I appreciate how Directors can exchange thoughts and views on strategic education or organisational issues and how their colleagues in CIDREE have approached these.  My development teams have benefited directly from discussing good practice in curriculum, learning, teaching and assessment initiatives within other CIDREE countries. Through this, we have supported local practitioners in improving the learning of our young people in many aspects of their education.»

Alan Armstrong, Strategic Director, Education Scotland, Scotland

«Working on the development of a national curriculum framework places organisations such as SLO in an exceptional position. There is no other organisation in our country with the same expertise or facing similar challenges. CIDREE offers us the opportunity to meet peers worldwide. Discussions, rich in content on school subjects and pedagogy, help shape our work in curriculum development. And learning about school systems and their cultural context enriches us, both as professionals and people.»

Jindra Divis, General Director of SLO, the Netherlands

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