Professional vision and video-enhanced teacher development: aims, means and issues

The 1st CIDREE international seminar was hosted by the French Institute of Education of the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon. Key figures: 12 CIDREE members, international experts (DE, NL, USA), 14 countries.

Conceived as a two-year research and development program on video-enhanced teacher development, the 1st session of the seminar focused on the concept of Professional Vision (PV), according to the definition given by Sherin (2001). PV has been identified as an important element of teacher expertise that can be developed during teacher education and professional development in general and that should be developed by teacher video-enhanced education to enhance teachers’ classroom practice.

Within three round tables, researchers, teachers, experts and video-training device designers shared their vision of European and American education contexts, cultural and epistemological approaches. In addition, workshops on the publication of a collective work and common research projects or on teacher video-enhanced device design enabled to identify new opportunities for common work.
Challenging prospects: research (2nd seminar in 2016, common research projects), video-analysis and IT workshops, international platform on the teachers’ training practices (pre-service, in-service)…

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