CIDREE Expert Meeting in Belgrade

The ongoing project, QUASAR (Quality Assurance in education: Strategical Approach in Reading literacy) is carried out through cooperation between Institute for Education, Quality and Evaluation from Belgrade, National Education Institute of Slovenia EQE and Kosovo Pedagogical Institute KPI.

During the project activities, some key issues will be considered, such as:

  • Official policies in educational system in the development of reading literacy (educational standards, language / curriculum and reading program in primary education, professional development-requirements and programs)
  • Experiences in national, regional and local initiatives in promoting reading literacy
  • Monitoring students’ progress in reading (national assessment, final exam at the end of primary school)
  • and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on reading literacy

The overall objective of the project is developing the concept of National Strategies for Encouraging Reading, but also tools that will improve student performance in national and international assessment of reading literacy. Also, one of the goals of the project is to create a Collection of examples of good practice from different education systems that will be available to all partner institutions.

The planned project activities began with the first expert meeting held in Belgrade on May 17th and 18th, organized by the Institute for education Quality and Evaluation. The main topic of this meeting: Official policies in educational system in the Reading Literacy development.

As part of this cooperation, IEQE brought together partners to create recommendations and guidelines during a one-year project as a result of joint work. In a two-day working and pleasant atmosphere, a constructive exchange of specifics and characteristics of educational systems and trends of educational policies of the project partners was performed. Also, there were discussions about initiatives when it comes to the development of reading literacy and reading comprehension, but also about the training of teachers in this field.

This first QUASAR expert meeting was successful and efficient. Presentations of educational systems and strategies and activities in the educational system of the project partners contributed not only to the exchange of experiences, but also to the recognition of concrete facts.
Similarities in educational policies, similar challenges and problems we have are a clear indication that it is possible to contribute to the preparation of guidelines and recommendations for improving students’ reading competencies that would be equally useful not only for project partners but also for other members of the CIDREE community.

Continuation of project activities and preparation of the draft Strategy/ Guidelines for improving students’ reading competencies will continue in the autumn when a study visit to Slovenia will be organized.

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