A comparative view on national education reports in European Countries

The Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education (SCCRE) hosted a CIDREE Expert Meeting on national education reports in June 2016. Experts from Austria, Norway, Luxembourg, Scotland and Switzerland met in Aarau for an exchange of procedures and strategies regarding national education reports – both to critically review other concepts and to learn from the other participants.

The main focus and the aim of the meeting were to draw up a template for country-specific descriptions that will be written individually by every participating country in the course of 2016. The purpose is to publish an academic article with the comparative overview on national education reports in European countries later in 2017. The article will give information on the following aspects of the participating countries’ national education report:

  • Institutional details concerning the report
  • Goals and function of the report
  • Production and process
  • Dissemination
  • Future developments

The article will offer the chance to share the knowledge of the participating experts with other CIDREE countries and to promote CIDREE activities beyond the member institutions. Therefore a small conference may be realised in 2017 where the national education reports and the concepts with the key rationale could be presented to all those interested.

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