Student Voice in Education

Edited by Ada Holcar Brunauer

The 2019 CIDREE conference was organised by The National Education Institute of Slovenia and entitled Student voice in education. It was devoted to different target groups: students, teachers, experts, consultants, managers, as well as policy makers in education. The participants came from 16 European countries, which are CIDREE members.

There were two inspiring keynote speakers in plenary sessions, Boris Jokić from Croatia and Louise Hayward from Scotland, who presented the topics of student aspirations and the important role of assessment in education.

The highlight of the event were contributions by Slovenian secondary school students  and teachers, who were most confident  in presenting their experience of student participation and thus enriched the programme of the conference.

On this occasion, the 2019 CIDREE Yearbook was published and distributed to participants from Slovenia and abroad. In the Yearbook, authors from 12 member countries shared their expertise and actively participated in the workshops.

The conference concluded with a word from the editor Ada Holcar Brunauer from Slovenia and  with the festive launch of the Yearbook.

CIDREE Yearbook 2019 Student Voice in Education (PDF)

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