Assessment in Scottish Education

The Study Visit started with a broad, in depth information session. Assessment in Scottish education has been thoroughly revised in relationship to the Curriculum for Excellence. The idea that learning, teaching and assessing should and can go together in an holistic approach was rather new for most of the participants. Thanks to the limited number of participants it was possible to ask for specific information and even have a discussion.
However, since the proof of the pudding (or the haggis) is in the eating, it was during the school visits that became clear how such an innovative approach can work in everyday (school)life. We saw participating and motivated pupils under the guidance of their patient and friendly teachers. Subjects and materials were interesting and challenging. Even the walls of the classrooms and corridors had a didactic function as  support of learning and motivation.
The Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy was the main subject of the Thursday morning session. It was the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas about why and how such large scale surveys can be undertaken.
In conclusion I can confirm that all participants worked very well on their level and achieved the learning intentions and success criteria.
A perfect organization and  stimulating atmosphere in the group made this study visit a success.

Report: Maria Brems, AKOV


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