Video-enhanced teacher development: from research to innovative practice

This two-day seminar was held in Helsinki, Finland and co-hosted by the Finnish National Board of Education and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences with support from a CIDREE grant. The event was targeted to Finnish and International researchers, trainers and policy makers involved in the use of video for teacher development and curriculum renewal. The event involved both presentations from selected speakers and group work sessions to discuss how video methodologies can be used to support teacher development and in particular the current Finnish national curriculum renewal process.

30 people from 11 different countries (10 European countries – Austria, Finland, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, and the USA) participated in the event. Fifteen international speakers and two Finnish speakers were involved.

The two days involved a wide range of presentations on research and practice topics focusing on how to use video and build associated methodologies and infrastructure to support teacher development. Group work was also facilitated to engage participants in dialogue with respect to how learning from research and practice can be summarized to support development work for in-service training and curriculum renewal with an emphasis on the Finnish context.

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