Pupil participation and the impact of learning

Expert Meeting Pupil participation Stockholm 2015

The meeting was held at the Swedish National Agency for Education (NAE) and started with a short welcome-speech by General Director/Incoming President Anna Ekström followed by an introduction by Eva Minten.
The aim of the meeting was to raise the quality of education and promote innovative teaching and learning. Some of the questions to be discussed were the following: How do the CIDREE countries face pupil participation? To which extent do the pupils take responsibility for their own outcome? What is it that teachers do to make the pupils feel engaged and motivated? Which are the tools they use? How do the schools evaluate these soft skills? How does pupil participation correspond with other CIDREE-projects, for example Assessment for learning?

We discussed and analyzed pupil participation as a fundamental component for individual learning and how this participation is articulated in the everyday life in schools within the participating countries.

Expert Meeting Stockholm 2015 (PDF)

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