Create learning for all – what matters?

The CIDREE conference 2012, a collaboration between CIDREE and the Swedish National Agency for Education/Skolverket, was held in Stockholm on November 15th. The CIDREE Yearbook 2012 was launched on the same occasion. The overall theme and common link between the conference and the yearbook was “Create learning for all – what matters?”. Schools and their ability to support all students in their efforts to learn and achieve the learning goals and expected outcomes was the starting point. The conference deepened and complemented the book.

The conference programme was divided into three parts. Three invited keynote speakers highlighted different aspects of the topic, three authors gave a short presentation of their contributions in the yearbook, and in three parallel workshops the theme was further discussed. The conference attracted participants from fourteen European countries, altogether close to a hundred participants from the CIDREE member institutions together with participants from Swedish authorities and organizations, including Skolverket, the Ministry of Education, schools and other stakeholders.

Keynote speakers and their topics were:

Conference Report (PDF)

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