The CIDREE Assessment for Learning (AfL) project conference in Estonia was connected with the national conference on teachers’ professional development on 24th October. More than 200 Estonian teachers, school principals and educational developers enjoyed informative presentations about assessment for learning on the examples of Scotland and Slovenia. Also a workshop on different aspects of AfL was run by the four experts from the two CIDREE member organizations Education Scotland and Zavod Republike Slovenije za šolstvo.

The CIDREE project conference was held with the group of people involved in the activities of the project – researchers, teachers and other stakeholders. Topics for presentations and discussions were put as follows:

  1. How should teacher initial training help in spreading principles of AfL over the schools and the country?
  2. Supporting teachers for effective assessment for learning.
  3. Teachers’ self-reflection and peer feedback in their action research of using AfL.
  4. Engaging students in the processes of assessment.
  5. Controversy and harmony between national education policy and school/class assessment.

Read more about the conferences and download the presentations: 

Anita Kärner, CIDREE National Coordinator, University of Tartu, Estonia

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