Serbia – IEQE

Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation (IEQE)
Fabrisova 10, 11040 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone +381 11 2067000

CIDREE representative:
Dr Branislav Randjelovic, Director
Phone +381 69 1045949

CIDREE National Coordinator:
Ms Danijela Djukic, Head of Center
Phone +381 64 866 5059

IEQE started operating on August  23, 2004. It is located in capitol of Serbia, Belgrade. Institutes scope of work is aimed at ensuring the quality education in Serbia through establishing the standards on learning achievements in preschool, primary and secondary education, and evaluating the achieved results.

IEQE Size:
36 employees

IEQE Mission:
Institute is a professional and reference institution, that deals with the evaluation and upbringing of education and gives recommendations for the establishment and provision of quality systems for education.

IEQE Vision:
As a professional, reliable and professional partner, we are institution with the most reliable quality indicators, a recognizable leader in the field of evaluation of education and upbringing.

IEQE Key functions:
Quality assurance, National exams, International research in education, Introducing educational technologies

Educational sectors covered:
preschool, primary and secondary (preUniversity)

Current educational projects/priorities:

  • innovations and revisions of standards in primary and secondary schools,
  • additional support to educational institutions after external evaluation,
  • support to educational institutions in process of selfevaluation,
  • support to implemetataion of formative assessment in primary and secondary schools,
  • improving quality and implementing of final exam at the end of primary school,
  • introduction of final exam (matura) at the end of secondary school,
  • implementing initial exams,
  • introducing online assessments in all segments of educational system,
  • implementation of international assessments and educational researches (PISA, PIRLS, TIMSS, ICILS, ICCS)
  • implementation of national assessments an d educational researches,
  • introducing digital technologies in education
  • improving digital literacy of schools, teachers and students.

Current organizational  projects/priorities:

  • taking care about printing facility inside IEQE,
  • process of printing, storage and expedition of exam materials,
  • introducing secure procedures in IEQE.
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