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ZZS -Bureau for Education Services
Vaka Durovića
bb 8100 Podgorica, Montenegro

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CIDREE representative:
Rešad Sijarić
Phone +3822408901
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CIDREE National Coordinator:
Nevena Čabrilo
Phone +3822408939
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Institutional size: 61

Institute’s mission
The Mission of the Bureau is to propose changes in education, foster and support implementation of good pedagogical practice and evaluate its achievements in order to assure the quality in education. Having in mind the educational goals in Montenegro, modern knowledge in the field of education as well as the current state and the needs of pedagogical practice, the basic functions of the Bureau are:

  • developing the new curricula and revising the existing ones,
  • continuous professional development of teachers, school principals, vice- principals and professional associates (school pedagogues and psychologists),
  • monitoring and evaluation of curriculum and its implementation,
  • conducting research on pedagogical practices and proposing the introduction of new teaching techniques in order to enhance the quality of students learning,
  • proposing measures for further improvement of particular levels of education,
  • preparing educational and pedagogic-methodological standards for textbooks and handbooks for general secondary education and general subjects in secondary education
  • conducting professional activities in preparation of curricula, standards and catalogues of knowledge, norms and standards for teaching aids and equipment.

Key functions
Bureau for Education Services is an administrative organization funded by the Government of Montenegro. The Bureau for Education Services is responsible for improving the overall quality of education at all levels (preschool, primary school, gymnasiums, vocational education, and inclusive education). Its main areas of work are: curriculum development and improvement, professional development of teachers and school principals, and monitoring the quality of education.

Educational sectors covered
Organizational units of the Bureau are: Sector for improvement of education, Sector for teaching and General affairs service.
The Sector for improvement of education consists of the Department for research and improvement of education system and the Department for international cooperation and public relations.
The Sector for teaching consists of the Department for quality assurance and the Department for continuous professional development.

Current educational priorities/projects

  1. Integration Key competence for lifelong learning in Montenegrin education system (November 2019 – November 2021) IPA
  2. Keep Educating Yourself (KEY) (ERASMUS KA2, Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices)
  3. Eco-School programme from (2016 – Foundation for Environmental Education
  4. Development of Social and Emotional Skills – My Values and Virtues
  5. 21st Century Schools educational program of three years, designed and implemented by the British Council (February 2019 – February 2021)

Current organisational priorities/concerns
Digital Education; Lifelong learning competences in order to adapt to today’s rapid economic and social changes; continuous professional development and modernization of initial teacher education as well as renovation of education programmes and practices teaching practices

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