Yearbook 2022

Quality and Curricula in Early Childhood Education and Care

Edited by Leah Aursand, Stine Kolstad Jensen, Cecilie Langholm, and Camilla Vibe Lindgaard

This yearbook explores the importance of quality and quality development in early childhood education and care (ECEC). Thirteen countries have contributed chapters providing a look into their own work with children aged 0 – 7. The CIDREE 2022 yearbook features chapters from Albania, France, Hungary, Ireland, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland. Despite having a wide variety of histories and traditions, common themes and discussions emerge.

One common feature between the countries represented in the yearbook is that all have developed or are in the process of developing an ECEC document for quality. The terms used may differ, where some countries refer to this document as a “curriculum” and others choose “framework” or “framework plan”. Some countries have had this curriculum for several decades, while other countries are creating their first one. Despite these differences, common challenges and opportunities arise, including discussions of how to involve stakeholders and build support. There is a shared understanding that curricula can help professionalize ECEC, but that a good curriculum alone is not sufficient for achieving high quality.

The aim of this yearbook is to encourage discussion about these important issues. The yearbook’s editors hope that the diversity of perspectives from across these CIDREE countries will serve as a source of reflection and inspiration for readers around the world.

CIDREE Yearbook 2022 Quality and Curricula In Early Childhood Education And Care (PDF)

CIDREE Yearbook 2022 Quality and Curricula In Early Childhood Education And Care (Contents, Highlights) (Ezine)

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