Yearbook 2018

International Approaches to STEM Education

Edited by Sid Mysore

This Yearbook provides an insight into Science Education strategies, innovations and practices from several European countries. Throughout the eleven articles, sets of authors from diverse backgrounds and specialisations, in and around education, offer perspectives on the educational landscape and projects that promote and cultivate scientific learning in the 21st century.

The articles explore the diverse challenges faced by educational actors in different areas of the science education landscape. Some articles document
 the development of educational strategies that encompass formal as well as non-formal domains of education, the implementation of these strategies in educational policy and the challenges faced in applying the policies to STEM curricula.

Other articles focus on the concepts popular in modern science education such as Inquiry-Based Learning and the integration of artistic creativity in the STEM curricula, known as the STEAM approach.

Curricular development activities are emphasized in yet other articles, that present the process, implementation and challenges of basing common core curricula on learning outcomes and implementing competency-based learning in mathematics.

The Yearbook also includes articles on the use of technology in the mathematics curriculum, a subject that has been regularly discussed in international expert groups, and fittingly, the last article illustrates the discussions and results of one of these meetings on the subject.

Throughout the Yearbook, the international contributions allow us to gain insight into the perspectives of policy-makers, administrations, committed teachers and engaged learners, all actively investing in and changing the dynamic eld of science education.

CIDREE Yearbook 2018 International Approches to STEM Education (PDF)
CIDREE Yearbook 2018 International Approches to STEM Education, Abstracts with links (PDF)

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