CIDREE Conference, Dublin, November 9, 2017

Wellbeing In Our Schools: International Perspectives

cover CIDREE Yearbook 2017Edited by Hal O'Neill

The CIDREE Yearbook 2017 presents a range of articles that explore the increasingly high-profile topic of learners’ wellbeing. Countries across Europe and well beyond are placing much greater attention on ensuring that their children and young people develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that will help them demonstrate positive wellbeing. Our 2017 Yearbook explores how 12 countries within the CIDREE network are developing their approaches to improving the wellbeing of children and young people in their schools.
Their different perspectives provide important insights into current definitions of wellbeing, as well as how wellbeing is supported by teachers and promoted effectively amongst learners.

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Teaching and learning strategies for scientific and mathematical literacy in STEM education

The expert meeting was aiming at providing continuation of the work of CIDREE community which had been implemented in the field of Science and Math education. We tried to upgrade and expand the addressed topics of previous meetings (curriculum development, the role of informatics in STEM education) by discussing effective strategies of teaching and learning in STEM for developing Science and Math literacy, promoting the agency within the Scientix community and by sharing the national strategies/visions of STEM education.
The topics covered were teaching and learning strategies in STEM, good practice with Scientix Activity Sheets – SES, benefits/opportunities for STEM teachers in Scientix community, scientific and mathematical literacy - elements and descriptors and efficient national strategies in STEM education.

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CIDREE Expert Meeting, Lyon, May 29-30, 2017

European networks involved in Collaborative Research - ENCoR

From May 29 to 30, the 1st ENCoR CIDREE expert meeting took place in Lyon, France. It was hosted by the French Institute of Education, which is part of the Lyon Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS). Key figures: 3 CIDREE members (FR, HUN, LUX). Unfortunately, the CIDREE expert from Ireland was unable to attend the meeting due to travel problems.
This 1st CIDREE meeting aimed at identifying European networks or programmes fostering collaborative research that brings together educational actors and researchers. 
On top of the participants representing the CIDREE, three colleagues, two from Equator and one from Lebanon, contributed to the exchanges.

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