CIDREE Expert Meeting, Lyon, May 29-30, 2017

European networks involved in Collaborative Research - ENCoR

From May 29 to 30, the 1st ENCoR CIDREE expert meeting took place in Lyon, France. It was hosted by the French Institute of Education, which is part of the Lyon Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS). Key figures: 3 CIDREE members (FR, HUN, LUX). Unfortunately, the CIDREE expert from Ireland was unable to attend the meeting due to travel problems.
This 1st CIDREE meeting aimed at identifying European networks or programmes fostering collaborative research that brings together educational actors and researchers. 
On top of the participants representing the CIDREE, three colleagues, two from Equator and one from Lebanon, contributed to the exchanges.

CIDREE Expert Meeting, Utrecht, November 22 – 23, 2016

The position of mathematics education and informatics education in a coherent STEM curriculum

This meeting, organised by the CIDREE member SLO and Utrecht University, was characterized by a very friendly atmosphere and an intriguing debate about the place and role of computer science and of mathematics in a coherent STEM curriculum. There were presentations from the following countries: Norway, Belgium, England, Estonia, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden. Hungary sent in a paper without being able to present.
Apart from a possible terminological confusion, consensus seemed to be agreed upon the fact that computer science belongs to STEM. There are a couple of effects this conclusion has in a curricular way:

  1. Mathematics should probably contain a domain 'computer based mathematics
  2. Computational thinking and modelling are key student skills
  3. Rich and challenging STEM contexts are to be placed central in order to be tackled by students' skills with respect to computer science, computer based mathematics, modelling and computational thinking.

In May 2017, the Proceedings of the CIDREE STEM expert meeting 2016 will be published, to be further discussed in June 2017, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, during the next CIDREE STEM expert meeting. A central place will be reserved for the question what teaching and learning strategies should look like, when implementing a curriculum obeying to the principles as formulated 1-3 above.

CIDREE Expert Meeting, Utrecht, September 29 - 30, 2016

Experiences with a contemporary curriculum in visual arts and, how it contributes to 21st-century needs and skills

The CIDREE Experts Meeting took place on 29th and 30th of September 2016. It was hosted by the Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development. The countries represented at the meeting were: Bosnia Herzegovina; France; The Netherlands; Republic of Ireland; Scotland; Slovenia.
The main aim of the event was to identify the key features of the curricula of Visual arts and curriculum development from each country represented and compare experiences in the enacted curriculum. The meetings had a specific focus on visual art education and the extent to which it is contributed to the 21st Century skills.

Short presentation Visual Arts Expert Meeting, Utrecht, 2016 (PDF)

Yearbook 2016

Successful Approaches to Raising Attainment and Tackling Inequity

Edited by Stephen Edgar

The theme of the CIDREE Yearbook 2016 is raising attainment and reducing inequity in education. Concerns about equity issues and attainment in education are not new. In fact, they have been the focus of longstanding attention in many countries. Despite this, challenges remain in ensuring that education systems truly meet the needs of all children and young people. These challenges are likely to stem from the complexity of the issues involved, and also possibly from the diverse ways in which equity can be conceptualised. Equity is a specific focus within Scotland just now. This is particularly due to the development over the past two years of the Scottish Attainment Challenge, which aims to close the gap in attainment between
children and young people living in the most deprived areas and their peers, at the same time as raising attainment for all. Given all this, the Scottish editorial team for this year’s Yearbook felt that it was both valuable and timely to take a fresh look at these issues – drawing on insights and expertise from all parts of Europe. This decision has certainly been borne out by the 13 thought- provoking articles we have received from CIDREE members.

YB_16_Successful Approaches to Raising Attainment and Tackling Inequity (PDF)

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