Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l'Innovation pédagogiques et technologies
eduPôle Walferdange - Route de Diekirch
L - 7220 Walferdange
Postal address: 
PB 98
L – Bereldange

CIDREE representative:
Mr Luc Weis, director (President)
Phone +352 2478 5191
Mobile +352 621 569 338
Fax +352 2478 5137

CIDREE National Coordinator:
Ms Amina Afif
Phone +352 247 85208
Fax +352 247 85137

Institutional size:

SCRIPT is an entity under the authority of the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training
whose missions are the promotion and the implementation throughout the primary and secondary education system in Luxembourg of :

  • pedagogical and technological innovation and research;
  • insurance of quality of education in schools and colleges;
  • continuous training of teachers and other educational staff of schools.

Key functions
SCRIPT is structured into three divisions:

  1. The division for pedagogical innovation whose main missions are to

    • conceptualize and carry out local pilot projects
    • develop and coordinate reform projects
    • provide the (financial and human) resources to working groups
    • develop didactical material

  2. The agency for quality insurance whose main missions are to

    • offer methodological and scientific support to help schools and their partners develop the quality of schools in Luxembourg
    • produce coherent data related to educational assessment
    • enable a coherent monitoring of the school system in Luxemburg

  3. The institute for continuous training whose main missions are to

    • set up and coordinate at national level of all continuous teacher training
    • assist schools in creating local training plans
    • serve as certification and validation instance for training participants attending the school.

Educational sectors covered
Pre-primary, primary and secondary education.

Current educational priorities/projects

  • Coordination of the reform of secondary education
  • Implementing of school development plans in primary and secondary education
  • Setting up and implementing a national monitoring strategy
  • Setting up a strategy for teacher induction in primary and secondary education.