Kosovo Pedagogical Institute KPI
Complex ‘ Rilindja’
Container 2
10000, Prishtina, Kosova

CIDREE Representative:
Mrs Labëri Luzha, Director
Phone +388 038 213830
Mobile ++388 044 627605

CIDREE National Coordinator:
Ms Haxhere Zylfiu, Researcher for non formal Education
Phone +388038 213831
Mobile +37745 401711

KPI is a public scientific research Institution, founded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo (MEST) in 2007.
Currently engaged 21 workers:
Leader and administrative staff = 3 | Professional staff = 18
The mission of the Kosovo Pedagogical Institute is: To provide professional services for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and educational institutions at all levels in Kosovo, through research, training, counseling, monitoring and evaluation, and professional publications in various fields of education.

Key functions:
KPI functions are : analyses, researching, trainings, comparisons, evaluation in these

  • School planning, innovations, comparative and socio-economic studies;
  • General development of education, professional, vocational and inclusive;
  • Standards and evaluation, curriculum, training, curriculum planning and
  • Life-long Learning, including Distance learning and Non-formal education.

These functions are realized as activity of research, in the didactic-methodical aspect and
in the aspect of training of the school personnel, for development of which the
Institution is coordinated with universities and other training agencies, public and

Educational sectors covered:
KPI management: Director, Steering Committee, Scientific Committee

Administrative Branch: Finance Officer, Judicial issue Officer,
Professional Branch:

  1. School planning sector: Innovations  and comparative studies, Socio-economic studies, School planning
  2. Development of general Education sector: Vocational Education, Inclusive Education, General Education
  3. Standards and evaluation sector: Curriculum development, Training programs, Textbooks
  4. Life-long Learning sector: Life-long Learning, Distance Learning, Non-formal Education

Current educational priorities | projects:

  • Implementation of the New Curriculum Framework in Pre-University Education in Kosovo
  • Reduce the dropout rate in Kosovo,
  • Integration of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo's education system,
  • The twinning of Kosovo schools with schools in the region and in Europe

Current organisational priorities | concerns:

  • Supporting improvement of the quality in education through research and training of teachers,
  • Implementation of New Curricula, in accordance with MEST,
  • Preparing/training teams for school self-evaluation
  • Realization of training programs initiated by the CoE and other partners,
  • Cooperation with CIDREE (members) and other organisations/partners and practicing the positive experiences in the improving of educational processes

Some KPI publications:

  • The support of the resource centers for students with special education needs,
  • Selection and planning of election teaching in primary education,
  • The methodological approach in teaching English in primary school through the Action Research,
  • Standards for child-friendly schools,
  • Verbal violence in schools,
  • Teaching apparatus in textbooks,
  • Basics of research in education,
  • Development of competence for ICT and English language,
  • Teacher training for ECDL programming,
  • School dropout in secondary education in Kosovo,
  • The development of educational leadership,
  • Causes of loss of interest of students to learn,
  • Dictionary of Pedagogy
  • Integration of information communication technology in teaching and learning,
  • General situation in pre-school education in Kosovo,
  • Matura exam in Kosovo,
  • Role of the school mediaries in the integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children in education system in Kosovo,
  • Children out of school in Kosovo
  • Education and training of adults in vocational schools in Kosovo 2010-2015.
  • Periodical publication : Educational Research