FRANCE - ENS de Lyon

Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon
Institut Français de l’Education
19 allée de Fontenay
F - 69007 Lyon

CIDREE representative:
Mr Olivier Rey
Phone +33 4 26 73 11 03

CIDREE National Coordinator:
Ms Séverine Bresciani-Dalynjak
Phone +33 37 37 66 83
Fax +33 37 37 63 60

The ENS de Lyon is a pluri-disciplinary higher education establishment under the supervision of the ministry of higher education and research. It is:

  • a reference for excellence
  • a new way of considering research and teaching
  • a leader in the field of research in France and abroad
  • a unique position at the centre of a network of research centres and firms

In 2011, the ENS de Lyon integrated the former National Institute for Pedagogical Research (INRP) that was refounded into the French Institute of Education. IFE is the French research and innovation platform dedicated to educational issues in connection with local field actors and a large international network of educational communities.

The institutes missions are:

  • to conduct research in education at the various levels of initial, continuing & vocational training and, in particular in relation to the observation of practices;
  • to provide support to national/international and academic piloting on teaching practices and reforms, innovation and experimentation;
  • to facilitate the diffusion of scientific resources in education and the transfer of research results, in particular to improve the training of trainers;
  • to make the link between researchers and practitioners and feed research through field analysis

IFE works in collaboration with higher education institutions, research organizations and institutional actors of the education system.

Key functions

  • Policy development advice to the ministries of Education, and of Higher education and research
  • Research/evaluation
  • Expertise: observation and analysis of practices
  • Dissemination of knowledge
  • Training of trainers

Educational Sectors Covered

  • Pre-primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Vocational
  • Higher
  • Continuing professional development

Current Educational Priorities

  • Equity and Equality in education
  • Early learning and socialization
  • Schools, territories, partners
  • Curriculum development related to competences
  • Professional development of teacher trainers, at all educational levels
  • ICT challenges, applications, deployment, support
  • Efficiency, equality, justice in educational systems
  • Collective aspects of learning and teaching processes
  • School improvement, leadership and accountability of the educational system
  • School well-being

Major projects

  • Developing Professional Learning Communities, associated educational design-experiment places (2012-2015)
  • Building an interdisciplinary community of research on the learning sciences (series of international seminars, 2011-2014)
  • KeyCoNet, European policy network on key competences in school education (2012-2014)
  • L’Opera aux minguettes, anthropological approach to arts at school as an interdisciplinary research project (2012–2014)
  • TACTILEO, ICT to support science teaching in primary school (2012-2015)
  • European Commission Thematic Working Group on early-school leaving
  • French-Chinese Lab for Comparing Curricula in Science Education (C2SE)
  • UNESCO Chair: training teachers for the 21st century (2012-2016)
  • CNRS Chair: Higher Education and Research Policy
  • INSERM Chair on The social dimensions of health education
  • ENS de Lyon - UCBL Chair: Health, risks, human sciences