Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education APOSO

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CIDREE representative:

Ms Maja Stojkic

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CIDREE National Coordinator:

Ms Adrijana Novak-Juka

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The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education started operating on 1st January 2009 with the main administration seated in Mostar and two administration units placed in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. Agency scope of work is aimed at ensuring the quality education in BiH through establishing the standards on learning achievements, evaluating the achieved results and developing the common core curricula in pre-primary, primary and secondary education.

Institutional size
The Agency for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Education has been established by the Act on Agency (BIH Official Gazette No. 88/07) as an independent administrative unit at the BIH institutional level.
The Agency Rulebook on the internal organization, approved by the BIH Council of Ministries as of 14th September 2009, specifies the internal organization of the principal and further units defining their responsibilities, the employees’ status, deployment and job specification. The Rule book provides 46, while the Agency employs 27 members of staff at the moment, and albeit the BIH civil service employment plan originally was to be realized by 2014, the current employment dynamic is pursuant to the BIH Ministry of Finances and Treasury guidelines.

Institute’s mission
The Agency’s mission is to initiate and partake in the reform processes on developing the quality education system that ensures the full development of an individual and the society.
The Agency’s vision is to partner with local and international authoritative and professional institutions in developing and implementing the documents that support and promote the policy of quality education in BiH and to become reaffirmed as the leading initiator in evolving a veritable society of knowledge and intellectual potency.

Key functions
The Agency’s function is defined by the Agency Act. Under the legal provisions the Agency is responsible for: CCC developing, establishing learning standards and evaluating achieved results in pre-primary, primary and secondary education and for any additional expertise in the sphere of learning standards and education quality evaluation as defined by the special legislation, and further directives.
Assisting all relevant institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina over developing CCC, learning standards and evaluation in pre-primary, primary, general secondary, secondary vocational education and lifelong learning, and on further activities that improve the quality and competiveness of the BIH educational system within Europe.

Educational sectors covered
Pre-primary, primary, general secondary and secondary vocational education

Current educational priorities/projects
The Agency’s strategic concept for the period 2012 to 2016 defines the goals, tasks and activities across six defined domains:

I. Common core curricula
II. Standards
III. Qualification framework

IV. Lifelong learning
V. Databases and information systems
VI. Agency institutional strengthening and promoting

I Common Core Curricula
Develop and implement CCC in pre-primary, primary, general secondary education and secondary vocational education and training in BIH with specified competencies and learning standards that enable coherency, mobility and compatibility of BIH education system in EU education context and wider.
Define CCC for secondary vocational education with specified learning goals and outcomes to ensure professional occupations quality pursuant to NQF and EQF in lifelong learning.

II Standards
Define learning standards and outcomes in pre-primary, primary and secondary education in BIH with the aim of improving the education practice quality and efficiency, vertical and horizontal mobility and compatibility with international education standards.
Develop standards on vocations and training in secondary vocational education.

III Qualification Framework

The development of the qualification framework in BIH is to facilitate a vertical and horizontal mobility across BIH education systems and in EU education area.

IV Lifelong Learning and Adult Education
Define the quality standards in lifelong learning.

Organize the adult education system.

V Databases and Information Systems
Develop the databases in pre-primary, primary, general secondary and secondary vocational education.
Develop and establish an integral IS in secondary vocational education in BIH (VET IS).

VI Agency Institutional Development and Promotion
Promote the Agency capacities, efficiency and credibility in local and international context to empower its institutional standing in partaking the systematic changes and improving the education quality in BIH, in alignment with the EU education area.

Current organisational priorities/concerns
Improving the Agency’s capacities and efficiency in assisting the education reform processes on developing an accessible, adaptive, quality and efficient pre-primary, primary and secondary education in BIH, and regulating to the EU education area in terms of being recognized and measurable in international context.

Current organisational tasks and activities are as follows:

  • Specify the existing and required professional resources and capacities for the Agency to carry out the set goals
Develop a strategic and annual work plan based on the Agency’s long-term strategy, vision and mission
Develop efficient methods on the internal communication and information transfer
Develop efficient methods on promoting and implementing the Agency results
Develop efficient methods on providing the donors funds for the Agency to perform the planned tasks and goals
Coordinate the Agency’s work with the education authorities, scientific institutions and partners through cooperative planning
Exploit the expert assistants’ network in BIH, the region and broader