Yearbook 2010


As part of the activities to celebrate 20 years of CIDREE, a very special edition of the Yearbook is under preparation. The Yearbook is the flagship publication of CIDREE, and each year it takes a theme of topical importance for educational developments across Europe. At the start of the year, experts nominated by CIDREE member institutions are invited to contribute papers. The Yearbook is then launched at the annual conference and general assembly held in November of the same year, and is published on the CIDREE website.

For this anniversary edition, we wish to be especially ambitious and tackle the major issues which are facing European educators as we enter the second decade of this millennium. The opportunities presented by the new Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in Education and Training (‘ET 2020’), which builds upon the Lisbon objectives and work programme of the last ten years, provide a key context for this.

Whilst anticipating the future, we also wish to learn from experience. To do this, we are drawing upon the unrivalled knowledge and expertise of those who have led CIDREE over the last 20 years, together with one or two noted experts from CIDREE institutions and the European Commission (EC).

Each author has been invited to prepare a thematic essay (a ‘think piece’), which takes a European perspective on their chosen theme. The essays are expected to be reflective and thought-provoking, whilst also charting the best way forward for future developments in the area. They also consider the roles that research, curriculum development and cross-national collaboration can play in supporting and improving educational policy-making and practice. The essay titles and authors are given below:

  1. European Education and the Nation-state: a globalisation perspective (Roger Standaert, Belgium) Current Secretary-General of CIDREE and Board member
  2. Unity in Diversity: the cross-Europe debates surrounding key skills and competences (Chris Van Woensel, Belgium)
  3. Schooling for the 21st Century: a personal view (Seamus Hegarty, England)
  4. Teacher Professional Identity: restoration or reset? (Anne Looney, Ireland). CIDREE Board member
  5. The Role of Inspection of Schools in Ensuring Quality in education: past, present and future (Johan C. van Bruggen, Netherlands)
  6. Teachers in Charge? Internal school assessment and evaluation in Europe (Alejandro Tiana Ferrer, Spain)
  7. The Use of Students’ External Assessment and its Impact on Education Systems (Olivier Rey, France)
  8. The Role of Educational Research in Improving Educational Systems: a CIDREE perspective (Gabor Halasz, Hungary)
  9. Building Bridges: How research may improve curriculum policies and classroom practices (Jan van den Akker, Netherlands) Current President of CIDREE and Board member
  10. Efficiency in Education: 20 years of talk and no progress? (Stefan Wolter, Switzerland). Board member and in-coming President of CIDREE

Sheila Stoney
2010 CIDREE Yearbook Editor

YB 10 Perspectives From Research And Development For Education Policy In Europe (PDF)