This CIDREE-Paper is the result of a first-time exchange and collaboration of the project leaders of the national education reports of different European countries across language borders. The documentation provides a brief description of each education report from Austria, Germany,Luxembourg, Norway, Scotland and Switzerland. The second part contains the comparative overview, which includes the six countries mentioned as well as France. For the first time, a comparative overview of different national education reports is available.

A special thanks go to CIDREE for the generous financial support that made the meetings and the exchange possible. The first meeting in Switzerland was held by the SCCRE with the project leaders of the national education report from Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, Scotland and Switzerland.

The participants provided country specific Information on their national education report based on a questionnaire. The SCCRE merged these descriptions into a comparative view, which was presented from Stefan Wolter (SCCRE) at a second meeting in Edinburgh held by the Scottish Government. This presentation was regarded as a quality control as the feedback from the experts present was incorporated into the work and thus provided an opportunity to highlight and discuss the different concepts of the national education reports. On the other hand, the second meeting was an opportunity to share knowledge with other CIDREE countries and to make CIDREE activities known outside the member institutions: Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Germany were also represented.

National Education Reports in Selected European Countries (PDF)

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