19 September – 22 September 2016

‘Caledonian education symposium’, Glasgow, Scotland

International study programme to learn from the Scottish approach to system improvement, evaluation and quality assurance
Education Scotland is offering the opportunity to join them for a 4-day study visit; 2 days of seminar sessions, professional dialogue and school visits, followed by 2 days at the Scottish Learning Festival 2016. This professional networking and dialogue will help build contacts for future work.
They have designed a 2–day initial programme which enables visitors to learn from their experience of curriculum reform and stimulating change in school improvement.
Participants will find out more about Scottish policy and practice, their approaches to quality assurance, school improvement and evaluation, hosted and delivered by staff who worked through these change programmes. The delivery team will include strategic managers, members of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of schools and colleges, and curriculum development staff.  The cost of the symposium is £300 per person.

For more information about this exciting and engaging learning experience, please contact Lisi Kama.

Flyer (PDF)

29 - 30 September 2016

Expert Meeting
Experiences with a contemporary curriculum in visual arts, and how it contributes to 21st-century needs and skills

Utrecht, the Netherlands
hosted by SLO

October 2016

Project: Video-enhanced Teacher Development: from Research to Innovative Practice

Helsinki, Finland
hosted by OPH and Oulu University

9 - 11 November 2016
CIDREE Board Meeting, Conference and General Assembly 2016

, Scotland
hosted by Education Scotland, Glasgow

9th November 2016: Board Meeting

10th November 2016: Conference and Launch of CIDREE Yearbook 2016
11th November 2016: General Assembly 2016

22 - 23 November 2016
CIDREE STEM((science, technology, engineering, mathematics)  Expert Meeting

Utrecht, The Netherlands
Hosted by Freudenthal Institute and SLO
Topic: The position of mathematics education and informatics education in a coherent STEM curriculum
This meeting aims to create an international overview of innovations in mathematics education and informatics education, their relationship and the coherence from the STEM perspective, with a special interest in computer based mathematics and its relation with computer science (informatics). This goal has been determined with other CIDREE members as a follow up on the expert meeting in June 2015 in Trondheim, Norway.

30 – 31 March 2017
CIDREE National Coordinators’ Meeting

Lyon, France
hosted by IFE-ENS de Lyon

8 - 10 November 2017

CIDREE Board Meeting, Conference and General Assembly 2017

, Ireland

hosted by National Council for Curriculum and Assessment NCCA, Dublin

8 November 2017: Board Meeting

9 November 2017: Conference and Launch of CIDREE Yearbook 2017

10 November 2017: General Assembly 2017